Font Smoothing is Personal

I’ve never understood why people like Windows’ ClearType that much. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a vast improvement over not having any font smoothing at all. The thing is OS X’s font smoothing is much better in my opinion. However, whenever I read anything about Linux people wanting better font rendering, they always denounce the kind that looks like OS X’s implementation as being too “blurry.” They say it hurts their eyes and must go back to Windows immediately, but it’s Windows’ ClearType that hurts my eyes.

So why this contrast of opinions? I suppose it’s either because font smoothing is a personal preference, or Windows users just got used to ClearType (or no smoothing, before ClearType was invented) being the norm. There must be another reason most if not all designers use Macs other than because they are designed well themselves. I wonder how many of these Mac using designers complain about the font being too “blurry” for them; I doubt many do.

searchmash: Google beta

searchmash is Google. Seriously, it’s a new search engine made by Google. Why do they have another search engine you ask? Well this one is way cooler!

It’s got AJAX features that Google’s other engine currently don’t have. When you search searchmash you get a sidebar with additional searches you might want, from images to video to blog posts to even Wikipedia! It’s a wonderful little known secret. It’s Google beta!

Sam & Max: Season 1

Well today I bought the entire first season of everyone’s favorite freelance crime fighting dog and rabbit duo! I’m resisting the urge to tear through it all in one go. I’ve read from forums and reviews that the first episode is not very long, so I’m trying to make it last long enough till the second episode arrives. I’m making every second count: I’m soaking up every ounce of dialogue there is to soak up!

So far in the game (I’m not actually sure how far into it I am), I’m cracking up at all the jokes. I was a bit skeptical that it would be as funny as the original game or the comics or even the TV show, but it is! Anyone out there not sure about the game, well be sure. If you like the comics and the original game, it’s a sure bet.

Now if you will excuse me I got to go resist playing more Sam & Max till January arrives…

Sam & Max: Episode 1: Culture Shock Banner

How to make a prime number generator using Ruby?


# Defining the function with two parameters
# number of primes between m and n.
# (Note: It still needs to calculate all primes
# up to m even though it won't be printed on the
# terminal.)
def prime(m, n)

  # This holds the total number of primes in
  # the range specified in the parameters.
  number = 0

  # This is the array to hold all the primes.
  ary = []

  # This loop from 1 to n runs until it reaches
  # the n specified in the parameter.
  for i in 1..n

    # Unless it's divisible by 2
    # (*psst* even numbers);
    # this will exclude 2 as a prime
    # but I'll put it back it after
    # this  block.
    unless i % 2  0

      # This count shows if the current
      # number is divisible by a number
      # other than 1 or itself.
      # (This actually should be a boolean.)
      count = 0

      # In the prime array each element is
      # taken out and put in j, then i is
      # mod j to see if it's divisible by
      # some prime number, there for making
      # a composite number.
      ary.each do |j|
        if i % j  0

          # That is unless the prime number
          # is 1 or itself.
          unless j  i || j  1
            count = 1
          end # End of 'unless j  i || j  1'.

      # If no prime number is divisible by it
      # push the prime into the prime array.
      if count  0

        # Unless the prime is not in the range
        # the parameters specify, don't print it.
        unless i <= m
          puts i

          # Add to total number of primes.
          number += 1
    end # End of 'unless i % 2  0'.

    # This is to add in 2 from the
    # exclusion before.
    if i == 2
      unless i <= m
        puts i
        number += 1
  end # End of 'for i in 1..n'.

  # Display total number of primes.
  puts "number #{number}"

# Run the function using input from the terminal.
prime(ARGV[0].to_i, ARGV[1].to_i)

Save as prime.rb run it and enjoy.

Idiot Windows Errors & Freeware Recommendation

Cannot delete file...Blah Blah Blah
Click on for larger picture.

Anyone ever seen this error in Windows before?

I’m sure most of you have and I just hate it. Thankfully I found a wonderful solution with a program called Unlocker. This program lets you know what processes and/or programs are using the file in question and lets you delete, move, or whatever the hell you want to do with it. And the best part, it can be integrated into the right-click menu. So, unlock away.

Speaking of freeware programs, there’s a great website of freeware called Sysinternals. They have a whole batch of useful freeware programs for knowing more about your computer. Most of us are probably only interested in a couple of them, but they are all great products and I recommend them. Enjoy the freebies!