Winamp Bento

Recently Winamp unveiled a new beta version that includes a brand new skin. This new skin incorporates everything that Winamp has and also album artwork too. I gave it a try today and while I think it is an improvement, they still have a long way to go.

A cropped picture of the new Winamp Bento skin.
Above: The new Bento skin incorporates all aspects of Winamp into one neat package. (click to see entire picture)

Maybe I’m just used to the stable betas of Google’s Gmail and various other software, but almost everything I did with this new Winamp crashed it. Playing a song with the Now Playing tab on crashed it. Clicking on a song in the Media Library crashed it. I’ll wait until it comes out of beta before I will do more testing on it. Right now I just can’t stand it.

A cautious Firefox tip: Extensions installed without whitelisting sites

If you ever tried to install an extension in Firefox you’ve encountered the warning that a site is trying to install software on your computer.

A screenshot of Firefox warning bar that shows up when you click a link to a Firefox extension.
Above: A warning bar shows up in Firefox when you click on a link to install a Firefox extension.

There is a simple way to bypass this. However, I should forewarn you that this prevention system was put in place for a good reason. Extensions could possibly be a security risk, be very careful when installing extensions from sites you don’t know.

With that warning out of the way I’ll explain how to bypass it.

  1. Copy the link. (It has to be a link to the actual xpi.)
  2. Paste it in the location bar. (The bar where you enter the url.)
  3. Hit Enter.

Now it should bypass the warning bar but it will still ask you to confirm the install. I know that there is a way to turn off said warning bar, but I like it on just in case. I use this whenever I have an extension I know I can trust and I don’t want to whitelist the entire site.

New theme…or at least fixing current one

I have plans for fixing a few broken things to be fixed on this blog. And I have a new design in the works. It’s not yet complete, but I have the structure down. I’m only missing a few superfluous visual graphics and I’m done. Well not really, but it’d be close to done. And I also need some content for this blog. Including finishing and writing my review for “Sam & Max: Season 1!”