I’m in beta.

Well if you notice, I am using a new theme. It’s only in beta right now, as I will update it. It’s actually version 0.2 right now. My first attempt was more ambitious. I originally had a user width specific theme. Meaning that the width of the website suited to the user’s browser width. I scrapped that idea because I was having some trouble with it. I settled for a more fixed style. Also if you notice I added navigational links.

Note: It doesn’t display quite correctly in IE yet. Also I used a hover element that is not supported in IE other than on links.

Floating & Untitled

I saw these two projects from this artist Matt Siber that did something very unusual to photos.

First there’s ‘Floating Logos’ in which, “The poles are digitally removed from the image in order to give the illusion that the signs are disconnected from the ground as they ominously float above us.”

Second there’s ‘The Untitled Project’ in which, all the text are stripped from the photos to create a surreal environment.