Font Smoothing is Personal

I’ve never understood why people like Windows’ ClearType that much. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a vast improvement over not having any font smoothing at all. The thing is OS X’s font smoothing is much better in my opinion. However, whenever I read anything about Linux people wanting better font rendering, they always denounce the kind that looks like OS X’s implementation as being too “blurry.” They say it hurts their eyes and must go back to Windows immediately, but it’s Windows’ ClearType that hurts my eyes.

So why this contrast of opinions? I suppose it’s either because font smoothing is a personal preference, or Windows users just got used to ClearType (or no smoothing, before ClearType was invented) being the norm. There must be another reason most if not all designers use Macs other than because they are designed well themselves. I wonder how many of these Mac using designers complain about the font being too “blurry” for them; I doubt many do.