Idiot Windows Errors & Freeware Recommendation

Cannot delete file...Blah Blah Blah
Click on for larger picture.

Anyone ever seen this error in Windows before?

I’m sure most of you have and I just hate it. Thankfully I found a wonderful solution with a program called Unlocker. This program lets you know what processes and/or programs are using the file in question and lets you delete, move, or whatever the hell you want to do with it. And the best part, it can be integrated into the right-click menu. So, unlock away.

Speaking of freeware programs, there’s a great website of freeware called Sysinternals. They have a whole batch of useful freeware programs for knowing more about your computer. Most of us are probably only interested in a couple of them, but they are all great products and I recommend them. Enjoy the freebies!

MS iPhoto and PC Gamer Podcast

h4. Microsoft Codename Max

Anyone see this yet? The interface looks pretty nice, Longhorn/Vista style. From the looks of the description and the screenshot, it doesn’t looks like they have anything extremely revolutionary. But then again I can’t try it out, it’s only for Windows!

BTW this icon reminds me of that Mac icon.

h4. PC Gamer Podcast

Hell yeah, I’m downloading this right now. I haven’t listened to it yet, but I love the magazine so I have hopes that this will be good. Oh and Sid “Master of Civilization” Meiers is the guest for the lastest episode.

Microsoft Vista, IE7, & Virtual Earth

I’m not sure if you heard of it, but last wednesday (July 27th) Microsoft released a beta of Vista and IE7 with it. You can read about it on the IEBlog. You can also read more about IE7 from mezzoblue’s IE7 CSS Updates article.

In that post I also found something which I have not heard of before, namely Virtual Earth. It seems to be a not very good copycat of GoogleMaps. The zoom bar doesnt even work properly when I drag it. The satellite images are in black and white, and I seem to get broken images. I much prefer the GoogleMaps zoom bar: I don’t have to keep clicking a plus sign to zoom all the way in. Plus some of the things do not show up, like the welcome message, or I presume it’s not showing up since it’s empty. It’s a good try by MS, but the Google Earth program is way too great for me to use any online map program now.