GameSpy’s Best PC Games of 2005

Link: GameSpy’s Best PC Games of 2005

GameSpy’s Best of list for 2005 is a good (and long) read. They mentioned many, many games from 2005. I love most of those mentioned, even the ones less known (and less bought) by gamers. From F.E.A.R. to LEGO Star Wars to Civilization IV to Psychonauts to The Movies and more, who says PC gaming is dead. Honestly, PC gaming is far from dead, as any true PC gamer should know. So another year, another crop of games I’ve yet to play.

In The Absence Of Light…

…there are things that go bump in the night.

As you can see before you, my blog looks a bit differently. (Unless you are reading this from your RSS reader…go to the site now dammit!) This is only temporary. Other than the fact that this is a Halloween theme, I also wanted to experiment without the extras (sidebar, navigation, extra pages, search, date/category sorting). And there you have it, a simple no-nonsense layout. All the (not very) juicy content, none of the distractions.

Tell me what you think of the new look. Is it Halloween enough?

The Only Keyboard You’ll Ever Need

I stumbled upon the Optimus Organic LED keyboard a while ago and made a post about it on my Livejournal. I decided to post about it again on here because it’s so great. This keyboard uses what is called OLED on every single key. What this means to you is that every single application which uses different keys for different shortcuts or tasks can be shown on the keyboard itself. Imagine how easy it is to remember Photoshop shortcuts, or remember keys for games. This revolutionary keyboard could possibly be the only keyboard you’ll ever need.

_Links: A preview of the “Optimus Organic LED keyboard”_