PubSubHubbub – instant blogging?

So for anyone that have used Friendfeed knows, they have this ultra-fast real-time stream. It’s quite cool and it works with feedburner too. Which I have set up as the RSS feed for this blog. So as a test I will post this and see if Friendfeed will do show it immediately.

Source: PubSubHubbub + WordPress + Feedburner + FriendFeed = Realtime Awesomeness


Well I got my invite to Newsvine, and so far it looks pretty cool. It’s like news, it’s like a blog, it’s like a news blog. It’s more news than blog though, since all the stories are as you expect them to be from any news site. The site design looks great too, very “foresty” green. I’ll do a review of it soon, after my finals. I’m sure lots of people will already have talked about it by then, oh well.

Here’s a little sneak peek for those of you without invites:
Newsvine About Page