Sam & Max: Season 1

Well today I bought the entire first season of everyone’s favorite freelance crime fighting dog and rabbit duo! I’m resisting the urge to tear through it all in one go. I’ve read from forums and reviews that the first episode is not very long, so I’m trying to make it last long enough till the second episode arrives. I’m making every second count: I’m soaking up every ounce of dialogue there is to soak up!

So far in the game (I’m not actually sure how far into it I am), I’m cracking up at all the jokes. I was a bit skeptical that it would be as funny as the original game or the comics or even the TV show, but it is! Anyone out there not sure about the game, well be sure. If you like the comics and the original game, it’s a sure bet.

Now if you will excuse me I got to go resist playing more Sam & Max till January arrives…

Sam & Max: Episode 1: Culture Shock Banner