A Talented Digital Artist

Soma Icon A while back I was reading the Aqua-soft.org board and came upon a recommendation of some digital artist’s icon. When I first saw these icons, my first impression was literally “wow!” They were very professional, but that’s not what produced the “wow” it was the style in which it was made. His name is David Lanham. If anyone of you ever used IconFactory.com might have heard of his name. A few months back, they hired him to make icons for the IconFactory.

The point of this post, however, is more than just to praise his artwork. He recently updated his personal website/portfolio site. It now uses valid css and html. Well technically it does, there are a few minor typos and missing alt tags from images. A few edits and it’ll be completely valid. The coolest thing is that, the website is done very very well. That extra “very” is very much earned here. The interface is clearly labeled and easy to use, the colors are eye-catching, and finally it makes great use of the small amount of space the layout uses. The layout is a little smaller than 800×600 in the middle of a blue striped background. In such a small space the layout is neither cramped nor sparse. Truly one of the best website I’ve ever seen.