Theming again

Once again I have made a new theme for this blog. This one has a more traditional feel to it than the previous one. I used much of what I learned and have from my last theme in order to make this one.

I am naming it the Water Theme for now. I know it makes no sense, but it used to be much more ambitious. I was going to make a waterfall in the background, with semi-transparent glass panels holding everything. The glass panels will have condensation on them, from the cold water behind it. However, I have no clue how to make any of that, so I settled for something easier first. I hope someone that is reading this could help me with that more ambitious theme though.

Oh and one more thing, I introduced the LiveSearch in my last update. In this one, I have a LiveArchive for you. It uses javascript to achive what is similar to the LiveSearch. Hope you like it, but if not, I also have a more traditional Archive page.

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    Sexual site, Rob. GOOD JOB.